Will Samsung Galaxy S8 shoot 1000 fps Video?

  Samsung Galaxy S8 will come equipped with a camera that can Shoot videos at 1000 fps (report) Many of the S8 and S8+ specs are already revealed by leaks and a few left behind are its camera and actual size of the display. Samsung itself planned to announce the new flagships at the upcoming […]

PAL-V Liberty, Flying Car or Driving Plane(?)

  PAL-V International is based in The Netherlands, which is started in the year 2001 with the primary vision of making a roadable aircraft (as it said). So after a long 16 years are they achieve what they born for? Yes for many reasons. By watching the video below you will realize how they engineered […]

Sony’s Upcoming Mid range Smartphone code named “Pikachu”?

It is spotted in the GFXBench website that a new Sony smartphone code named “Pikachu” gone under GFXBench’s graphics test. Yes. You are not guaranteed by leaks from a benchmark site so swallow it with a grain of salt for now. According to the result, Pikachu could probably be a mid range smartphone. The specs […]

Top 5 Affordable Smartphones with 4000 mAH and Above Battery Capacity

Hey Buddy, Do you want a smartphone with good capacity battery stuffed inside so as to feed your daily needs without carrying addition battery? but don’t want to burn your pocket? If YES, we came here with a list of smartphones– manufactured by companies you already familiar of. 5. LYF Wind4S This smartphone is manufactured by […]

Will you face it barehandedly or want a moral support

  Hey Shuffler, Listen to me. Sometimes a small story can explain you what a day long workshop or seminar can’t. So I ask your attention to this little story of a boy. He was 10 years old and lived in Japan. His only dream was to become champion in ‘Judo’ (many of you know […]

Find the Right Niche for your Blog is a Thought Process

Hey shuffler, You may come across many sites or blogs to find out the ingredients of web hosting and may find out many informative contents. So, ‘why’ you need to read this particular post?  Because at the end of this post, you could be able to test the proven method yourself, to find the best […]